New Beginnings Recovery Homes, Inc.
Welcome to New Beginnings Recovery Homes Inc. (NBRHI)

Our mission is to provide a “holistic continuum of care” to the socially liable regardless
of race, color, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation. This concept is rooted in the
fact that homeless persons are socially liable.

New Beginnings Recovery Homes Inc. is the “parent agency” for New Beginnings
Transitional Housing and New Beginnings Shared and Permanent Housing Program.
Our agency has worked on the South and Westside of Chicago with socially liable
populations (HIV+/AIDS Impacted Individuals, Veterans, Chemically Dependent,
Moderately Mentally Ill, Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders) for the past 20 years.

New Beginnings Transitional Housing began 20 years ago as New Beginnings
Recovery Homes with a single idea. Where can persons who are deemed “socially
liable” receive short or long-term assistance as a means of remaining off the city’s
streets and away from the criminal enterprises, jails and the penitentiary? These
persons are:

  • homeless,
  • penniless,
  • ex-offender,
  • HIV+/AIDS Impacted,
  • chemically dependent,
  • mentally ill and/or, finally,
  • any of the aforementioned combinations.

Most of these persons are subcategories of more than one grouping. New Beginnings
provides transitional housing, food, clothing, social, supportive, and case management
services. Clients receive medical attention, psych group therapy, and psych medication
through our physicians and/or psychiatrist and hospitals that linked with New
Beginnings. These are services we provide direct access to, through outpatient
programs, for services that we are unable to provide internally.

There is no “affordable housing” for this population. This population lacks the financial
wherewithal, health, and mental acuity to access those services. Many come from
hospitals and psych wards, nursing homes, crumbling properties and economically
depressed areas. They have a poor education base, are economically deprived and
they collectively, as a group, need to be put or placed into housing that will provide a
restrictive, structured, drug and alcohol-free living environment. Additionally, they need to
be “taken to and brought back from” medical and/or psychiatric appointments and psych
group therapy programs. Gradually, over a period-of-time, some can be trained to take
care of themselves. This includes feeding themselves, shopping for themselves,
receiving their SSI, SSDA and/or Medicaid checks to pay their rent, buy clothing, and
generally fend for themselves. Our experience indicates that this population will never
arrive at that level of functioning without help.

Over the past 20 years, we have not seen this change coming about. In small instances,
we have seen those who are “high functioning” take the road to returning to society. The
greater numbers lie in those who, to this day, remain “dependent” on agencies such as
New Beginnings to provide social, supportive, and case management services for
them. They are found within the aforementioned groups.

New Beginnings has entered into a Joint Venture relationship with Will’s Places
Property Management. This agency will handle the property management operation as
a separate entity from New Beginnings. New Beginnings will function as the fiscal agent
for this agency and Will’s Places will handle the actual housing operation that New
Beginning’s once had.

  • New Beginnings will be doing several things:
  • Locating and identifying clients for “shared apartments and/or shared housing in
    Will’s Places Property Management apartments and houses;
  • Completing any and all paperwork needed for the client to obtain housing;
  • Providing social, supportive, and case management services to Will’s Places
    Property Management homes and houses;
  • Helping those persons on Medicaid and / or Medicare to obtain medical
    equipment by referring them to a Marketing Consultant who will complete the
    appropriate paperwork that will allow them to receive those items that they sorely
  • Helping clients who are Medicare to access Home Health care services;
  • Helping clients who are Medicaid only to access a Primary Care Physician and
  • Helping persons to access their social security and public assistance benefits.
  • Will’s Places Property Management will be doing the following things:
  • Identifying appropriate housing for socially indigent persons who may be in need
    of a shared apartment or shared housing;
  • Provide the necessary furniture and appliances for an apartment or housing;
  • Provide the renter with keys to the apartment or house;
  • Help the House Manager to arrange the beds, orient new renters and handle any
    and all minor problems associated with the apartment or the house;
  • Arrange for the new renter’s paperwork through New Beginnings;
  • Arrange for any and all rent payments;
  • Arrange for the payment of all utility bills;

New Beginning's program through and with the assistance of Will’s Places Property
Management, Inc will provide a holistic “continuum of care” concept that takes in society’
s hardcore “throwaways.” We try to make them positive, productive citizens through peer
support groups, outpatient counseling, transitional, shared, and/or permanent housing,
and gainful employment, if and where appropriate.

If we find that there are clients who cannot take care of themselves, they have the option
of remaining within the agency’s newly designed structure.  This population will begin to
slowly increase as “affordable housing” for them becomes less and less available. It
will be a challenge for New Beginnings to help locate housing that is acceptable to the

We believe in a “hand-up” as opposed to a “hand-out.” We encourage “self-reliance.”
Unlike other agencies, our clients are not forced to move, after a preset period-of-time.
Those who choose to remain are welcome and may live in our permanent residences
for as long as they like. We do not discriminate.
Committed to higher moral functioning
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